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The state of Missouri faces economic difficulties that require all in government to look for ways to increase effectiveness and cinch the belt. The Attorney General’s Office (distinct from Missouri Office of Prosecutorial Services, over which it has no day-to-day oversight) has joined those efforts in several ways:

  • At the conclusion of FY2017 the AGO returned $130,447 to the state’s General Reserve Fund
  • The AGO actually decreased its FTE personnel total number for FY2018
  • In February 2017, the AGO voluntarily remitted $10 million to the state’s General Reserve Fund after a consumer protection settlement agreement with Moody’s Corporation, Moody’s Investors Service, Inc., and Moody’s Analytics, Inc.
  • AGO consumer mediators have obtained over $8 million in restitution for Missouri consumers
  • As part of the statewide crackdown on fraud, the Attorney General’s Office has obtained $15,057,877.52 in judgments and settlements to give back to the State of Missouri and Missouri consumers since January 2017: 
Month Case Name Total   Judgment/Settlement
January Tim Garbleman, Executive Design Consent Judgment $75,000.00
January Citadel Contact Systems AVC- No-Call $7,500.00
January Mylenbusch Auto Sales Consent Judgment $10,000.00
January Western Union Multistate $67,607.02
February Service Pro, Lawn Pro Consent Judgment - No Call $7,500.00
February Moodys Multistate $11,239,549.00
February John Watkins, Jr./County Road Maintenance Default Judgment $30,070.00
March Goldwood Productions AVC $2,400.00
March Toby Polley Criminal Restitution $373,773.00
March Critique Services Consent Judgment $115,504.50
March T-Mobile Cramming Multistate $332,711.03
April Calvin Allen Contempt Judgment $15,000.00
April Old St. Louis Vintage Woods Default Judgment $40,270.00
April State v. Kenneth Scott Jinson Criminal Restitution $26,951.02
April Jack Jones dba Countrywide Shingle Criminal Restitution $99,590.37
April Home Solutions Default Judgment $961,718.46
April Best Way Motors Consent Judgment $20,666.00
April Robert Ledbetter Criminal Restititution $6,000.00
April Clary Roofing Default Judgment $5,730.00
April Breckenridge Motors AVC $4,641.06
May Gotcha Costume Rental Consent Judgment $1,000.00
May Target Multistate $302,746.77
May Johnson & Johnson Multistate $659,712.23
May Caribbean Cruise Lines Consent Judgment - No Call $25,433.28
May Columbia Star Dinner Train Default Judgment $2,259.01
May USA Security Promotions Default Judgment - No Call $151,000.00
June Manchester Coin and Jewelry Consent Judgment $20,000.00
June Woolsey Photography Default Judgment $37,357.00
June Feature Films for Families AVC - No Call $75,000.00
June Gateway Buick AVC $5,405.00
July Donald Harrelston Criminal Restitution $16,900.00
July Animated Lighting AVC $22,000.00
August Nationwide Multistate $222,882.77
August Charter Communications Settlement - No Call $225,000.00
September All Seasons Contracting, Inc., Patrick Richard Criminal Restitution $265,000.00
September Lenovo Multistate $81,770.33
September Open Source Fund AVC - No Call $30,000.00
October Deutsche Bank Antitrust Multistate $1,465,113.00
October EZ Home Solutions AVC - No Call $5,000.00
October General Motors Multistate $2,000,211.30
November Timothy Mundy, TSA Construction Solutions Civil Judgment $643,703.60 
November Leon McGregor Criminal Restitution $449,855.00
December All American Remodeling, Donald Harralston Judgment $37,799.03
December Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Multistate $233,669.87
December 5 Star Paving, LLC Default Judgment $73,900.00