Rape Kit Tracking System

Protocols Issued Pursuant to § 595.055, RSMo
Effective: August 28, 2018


(1)  For the purposes of these Protocols, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

            (a)  “AGO” shall mean the Missouri Attorney General’s Office, except that where these protocols require notice to the AGO, the term “AGO” shall mean the natural person designated by the AGO to receive notice pursuant to these Protocols;

            (b)  “Protocols” shall mean the protocols set forth in this document pursuant to § 595.055.9, RSMo, as well as any amendments to these Protocols;

            (c)  “Tracking System” shall mean any electronic evidence tracking system implemented by the AGO pursuant to § 595.055.9, RSMo.

Rape Kit Tracking Enrollment Form